Bleak House - Dickens Charles
Bleak House - Dickens Charles

Bleak House - Dickens Charles

Автор: Dickens Charles
Название книги Bleak House
Автор Dickens Charles
Кол-во страниц 251

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Soon after she returns to Bleak House, Esther decides to go to London to see Mr. Guppy. First, she visits Caddy and Prince Turveydrop. Taken aback by Esther's scarred face, Guppy emphatically retracts his former marriage proposal to Esther. Esther obtains from him a promise to "relinquish all idea of . . . serving me." She no longer needs Guppy's assistance in helping her learn her real identity, and Guppy's presence could possibly endanger her attempt to be secret about what she has learned from Lady Dedlock.